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Financial mediation services for unmarried, married, and divorcing couples, and family estate planning.

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Individual Tax Services

Tax planning and preparation services for individuals

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Divorce Financial Planning

 Divorce can be an emotionally painful and complicated process. We will provide you with valuable information and advice, specifically tailored to meet your needs.

Making Sense Of It All

Whether you want to be better at tax planning, budgeting your household or in need of divorce financial planning, I will give you easy access to the tools and resources needed to create informed financial choices and forward-thinking strategies. Because your financial well-being is a top priority, I leverage a variety of precise reports, reliable systems, and efficient communication to identify the problems and establish the right financial goals.


Goals, interests, and needs are potentially potent factors bordering on financial health. When you work with me, I make sure to understand these three areas to devise a system for which your decisions always will count. I am willing to work with you via just about any medium you are comfortable with or available for. If you want to have a telephone conversation, meet in person or chat over a video call,  I will be ready to talk anytime and anywhere.


When you work with me, you will find that:

  • I am  interested in understanding your goals, interests, and needs

  • Whether you want to meet in person or talk by phone, my flexibility makes possible timely appointments to discuss issues that are important to you

  • I am respectful in working with your other advisors and is a valued member of the team