A New Year’s Resolution for Every Age

At this time of year, many of us are thinking about what our resolutions will be in the new year.

We usually resolve to do things we think will enrich our lives at the time. But sometimes, with the benefit of hindsight, we see later that we could have made wiser resolutions and priorities. I have more than 30 years of working experience and 55 years of living experience, and would like to share my own work and life suggestions for five age ranges:

In your 20s…

Set aside a small percentage of your income. You may think your non-working years are a still far away, but life experience will show you that they arrive surprisingly fast.

In your 30s…

Consider purchasing life insurance. You may be starting a family and have a mortgage on a home, and you will want to protect those important things.

In your 40s…

Consider disability insurance. The chances of having an accident or disease increase with age. Protect your future with disability insurance.

In your 50s…

Have a professional check your progress. Are you on a path to sufficient savings to getting you through your non-working years? Make sure both of you know what’s going on.

In your 60s…

Rebuild and build relationships. When we’re younger, we’re busy raising families and working long hours, and we fail to work on our relationships. Build a community of support around you.

Many times throughout my career, I have seen people who are unprepared for their current life stage. Would things be different if someone a generation or two ahead of them had suggested alternative New Year’s resolutions?

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